How does the High Performance Kitchen Genie 1500 watt blender compare to other more expensive, best quality blenders on the market. The results may surprise you.

Starting at the top; Vitamix is arguably the best blender on the market. It has dominated the luxury blender market for many years.
Its fans profess their devotion to the two horsepower motor and quality build. Yet with prices for the Vitamix range of between £400 to £650 it is often too expensive for many customers.

With its popularity, the Vitamix has attracted a number of competitors, many of which offer a much lower price for similar results.

The Ninja, for example, is another which sits in the best quality blenders bracket. It was specifically introduced to compete against the Vitamix and yet it sells for under £200 and does just about everything the Vitamix can.

In marketing and reviews it is said the Vitamix  G750 blender which features a 1440 watt (“two-horsepower motor”), can blend almost anything, including many items that traditional blenders cannot. The motor is also said to keep an even torque such that it maintains a cool temperature and doesn’t overheat even when blending harder items. In addition to the powerful motor, they say it has aircraft-grade stainless steel blades and a Vitamix blender can tackle the toughest ingredients.The container itself is designed to create a controlled vortex that continuously moves ingredients back toward the blades to make blending faster and smoother, no matter what produce you’re blending.

However, you may be surprised to learn that the High Performance Kitchen Genie 1500 watt blender also produces 2 horse power, has sharp sturdy blades and a tall conical shaped 2 litre container which will give you as good a performance as that of the best quality blenders on the market. It works in the same way as the Vitamix in that it has a tall narrow jar which is tapered or angled at the base such that a vortex is created allowing the ingredients to pass through the blades frequently.

But you will also be surprised by its price. Its much cheaper than the Vitamix or the Ninja at only £150.00.

Check out the specification of the Kitchen Genie 1500 watt High Performance Blender here. You will see it deserves a place with the best quality blenders on the market.