Kitchen Genie 16 Cup Rice CookerKitchen Genie 16 Cup Rice Cooker

Struggling to cook enough rice for your large family? Consider easing your work load and buy a Family Rice Cooker. You could try the Kitchen Genie family rice cooker – 16 cup capacity. It is sized for the medium to large family at 2.8 litre and is our most popular and best value for money model.

Cooking rice is usually time consuming especially for a large family. To achieve good quality fluffy rice where the grains do not stick together requires constant attention to ensure the rice is cooked properly, and not burnt. An electric rice cooker automates the process by controlling the heat and timing. This means a heating element is freed up on the cooking range that would otherwise be occupied for rice cooking. If you follow the instructions, it produces the right texture and perfect results every time.

A rice cooker does not necessarily speed up the cooking time but it does reduces the cook’s involvement in the process, freeing the cook up to prepare and cook other ingredients. Once you have a rice cooker you merely have to measure the rice and add the correct amount of water. Inside the inner bowl of the cooker there are graded marks etched on to indicate the quantities of rice. Once the family rice cooker is set to cook, the rice will be cooked with little further attention.  You then never have to worry about stirring, burning or monitoring again. It even stays warm afterwards.

The Kitchen Genie Family Rice Cooker range starts at the handy 1.8 Litre – 10 cups model, then the medium family model at 2.8 Litre -16 cups and goes up to the much larger big family model of  5.6 Litre -45 cups.

The model shown is the 2.8 Litre – 16 cup. Ideal for family meals or parties

Product features

  • Glass lid for cooking visibility.
  • Non sticker inner for easy cleaning.
  • 16 cup capacity.
  • 2.8 Litre
  • 1000 Watt
  • Ideal for big families.
  • No Manufacturer Warranty with this product

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