Of course you want the best blender for your money, so here are some useful features to look out for when buying a blender.

To ensure you get the best blender with the features you really need try to use our checklist below.

The Blender Jug / Container:

Plastic is lighter than glass but can absorb odours and get scratched over time.

Glass jugs are sturdier and look more upmarket, but they can be very heavy, especially  when the jug is full of ingredients.

You may pay more for high-quality polycarbonate plastics but they offer the best of both worlds.

In addition, think about the size of the container and remember a larger container can still be used for small quantities whilst a small container cannot cope with the extra you may need for that occasional party or large family gathering.  In our view best blender has at least a 1.5 to 2.0 litre jug / container.


No one really likes washing up, so look for a blender where the parts are dishwasher safe. It’s handy if the blade is removable and can be separated from the jug and thoroughly cleaned.

Speed settings:

Variable speeds give you more control and most blenders have at least two speeds, while some have programs designed for specific tasks, such as milkshakes or ice crushing.

Ice crushing:

More powerful, high performance models with high wattage motors sometimes have an ice crush setting for making cold smoothies or frozen drinks or as part of the variable speed control. If the blender isn’t suitable for crushing ice and only has a low powered motor it can just blunt the blades.

Milling / Grinding:

Some models will have a grinder or extra jug and blades for drier jobs such as grinding coffee beans or nuts.

Jug Blender lid:

Many models have removable inserts in the lid, which allow you to add ingredients as you go along for more precise blending, such as when making homemade mayonnaise.


Once you’ve gone through the check list and balanced the features you really need in the price range you’re looking for it’s a simple choice between how many you can get for the money.

We think you’ll find the best value for money options in our Kitchen Genie Blender range. Start with our Value Blender & Grinder and if your into some serious blending including crushed ice try the High Performance 1500w model.