The Benefits of Using an Electric Home Meat Mincer or Grinder

  • Firstly, an electric meat mincer or grinder takes all the hard work & strain out of mincing and grinding fresh meat and compared to a manual grinder and it’s much faster.
  • Secondly, because you choose the meat, you can avoid eating fatty meats of the type sometimes used in cheap  prepared bags of super market mince. The quality is very much in your control and health benefits are obvious. You will know exactly what’s gone into those sausages or kebabs you’ve prepared with the attachments that come with a good quality meat grinder like the Kitchen Genie 2000 watt Meat Grinder.
  • Whether it’s beef, bacon, lamb, pork, or even meats like liver and kidney you can use whatever we want and to your own taste. In shop bought mince, the label may say it is beef, but the real thing could be a mixture of different cuts and types of meat.
  •  In fact, you can even make your own recipes with whatever idea you choose – we can customise recipes -whether it’s combination of meat eg pork and liver sausages, or steaks and herb burgers. Adding herbs and spices  can peps up the overall flavour and it’s simple – just add whatever you want.
  •  While some supermarket sausages can be a little suspect in nutritional terms, by making your own, you can make delicious sausages that are optimal in health terms.
  • Finally, freshly-ground meat has a better texture and flavour that packaged minced meat from a supermarket. The latter is usually compressed and needs extra moisture when cooking. This is not the case with home ground minced meat.

An electric meat mincer or grinder will save you time, you can make your own sausages & kebabs at home and you can mince any meat regardless of the texture. Plus you can reduce the odds of your ground meat being contaminated if you process it at home and unlike processed meat bought from shops and supermarkets you will know the quality exactly.

The Kitchen Genie 2000 watt Meat Grinder is a very high powered machine capable of coping with pretty much everything you can throw at it. That’s why its one of the best electric meat mincers on the market.