Cheap Value Food Blenders
We have had several emails and comment following our blog on choosing a blender with many of you saying that you could not find any good quality cheap food blenders.
Here are a couple things to consider before choosing a blender just based on price.

Consider the blender pitcher/jug size versus the blender motor size when comparing blenders. There are many low cost blenders on the market with large pitchers but they often have low power motors that are not powerful enough to blend large volumes. This means you either end up burning out the motor or drinking smoothies with chunks in it.
The Kitchen Genie Value Blender with Grinder has a 300w motor which is well made and designed to work efficiently with its 1.5 litre jug/jar and grinder. This is our best value for money entry model but we can honestly say its really more suitable for customers who blend food or drinks occasionally rather than in big batches and is not suitable for puree foods. However, its grinder function is very useful and in terms of being value for money it is one of the better cheap food blenders on the market.

Frequency of Use. If you are going to be using the blender daily or to produce large batches of food, then we would recommend paying a little more for our Kitchen Genie Deluxe Glass Blender which has an 800 watt motor. This blender is an upper mid-range blender which has a more powerful motor and gets you to the next level in blenders. Hence, it’s a great all rounder and because it’s motor is stronger it will last much longer.
Too many people burnout their cheap blenders and keep buying new cheap blenders over and over again rather than just buying a good well powered blender that will last for many years. Our Deluxe Glass Blender is built to last and has a super strong glass jug/pitcher.

What will you be blending. If you just want a blender to make milkshakes, simple smoothies and occasional frozen drinks then most blenders should be fine.
But If you plan on making green smoothies with tougher ingredients like nuts, green leaf vegetables or broccoli then it is certainly worth investing in a blender with the power to properly handle these ingredients. Our 800 watt and 1500 watt blenders will be your best value blender options in the long run.
Likewise if you will be doing some serious intensive blending tasks like milling hard nuts or pureeing raw vegetables then you will want to pay a little more for our top of the range Kitchen Genie High Performance 1500w blender.
This blender will cope with almost anything including crushed ice and it certainly won’t burn out on you in the first few months.
We would strongly suggest you considered all of the above criteria when selecting the blender you want on the basis of price. In many ways you get what you pay for, particularly with motor size, but in our view our range gives you all the options. So although it really is all relative, there is no such thing as cheap food blenders. You only really get what you pay for.