Juicing: Which Product Do I Choose?

You can use either a juicer or a high performance blender to create healthy smoothies. There are two main types of juicers: masticating and centrifugal:

  • Masticating juicers are slower and “chew” the produce to separate the solid from the liquid, which is efficient for getting every last drop of juice out. They are often slower and more expensive but are very through.
  • Centrifugal juicers spin the fruit and vegetables around to separate the juice from the pulp, which is faster than masticating. These types of juicer are more common and are often more affordable.

Try the Kitchen Genie 1100 Watt Power Juicer. Or if you want an all round machine to create smoothies and healthy drinks, try the Kitchen Genie 1500 Watt High Performance Blender.

Preparation And Cleaning

Thoroughly wash your produce (even if it’s organic). Since you’re not cooking or pasteurising the juice it is the best way to reduce bacteria. When juicing citrus produce, peel the fruits but leave behind a little white pith. It can be slightly bitter, but it remember it contains pectin and bioflavonoids, which help your body absorb vitamin C.

Creating Smoothies

If you use a high performance blender to create a smoothie, try adding the ingredients in the following order to help your blender operate as efficiently as possible. Firstly add the harder produce e.g. nuts, seeds, dried and frozen fruits, then the softer fresh fruits and vegetables, followed by powdered products e.g. protein & supplements and finally liquids. Ice can be added at any time depending on preference for texture and consistency.

Get the most nutrition out of your greens by packing leafy greens in between juicier items like apples or cucumbers. This helps get the most juice out of them. Or tightly pack your greens into balls that fit into the feed chute and juice them on low speed.

When you are juicing, if you want to include nuts into your smoothies but don’t have a high-powered blender try soaking the nuts in water for at least a couple of hours and up to a day before hand and then blend with the liquid. However, with both the 1100w Power Juicer and 1500w High Performance Blender you wont need to worry.

The upside of using a blender over a juicer is that you can use whole fruits and greens of any type. You can also sweeten your smoothies with dried fruits like raisins or dates, which can even be soaked in water for 30 minutes or more to re-hydrate them before adding to the jug. This produces an even smoother texture. Remember: juicing or blending is a great way to get your “5 a day” fruit & vegetable intake.

The Answer?

Try using the Kitchen Genie 1100 Watt Power Juicer or the Kitchen Genie 1500 watt High Performance Blender for the best smoothies and healthiest juicy drinks.