If you’re thinking of buying a good cheap food blender here are some useful food blender features to look out for.

The below check list will ensure you get a blender with the extra features you really want so you don’t miss out.

So,if you keep these in mind you can still find a good cheap food blender for under £30.00

Blender jug: Most counter top cheap food blenders have a jug made of plastic which is lighter than glass but over time it can absorb odours and get scratched. Glass jugs are sturdier and look more upmarket, but can be very heavy when full. You can obviously pay more for high-quality plastics such as BPA-free Tritan, which is extra strong, light and looks like glass and it solves the problem of absorbing odours etc.

Dishwasher-safe parts: Washing up can be tedious, so try and look for a blender where the parts are dishwasher safe. It’s handy if the blade is removable, so it can be separated from the jug and thoroughly cleaned.

Speed settings: As food stuffs vary in hardness, a variable speed control will help you adjust the blending process to suit the hardness of the ingredient. Most blenders have at least two speeds and some have specific programs designed for different tasks, such as milkshakes or ice crushing.

Ice crushing: It’s rare to find a cheap food blender which can cope with the impact forces you have when crushing ice and their motors will often burn out over time. We believe you need at least an 800 watt motor to crush ice properly and if your blender isn’t suitable for crushing ice, it can even blunt the blades.

Milling / Grinding blade: Some models will have an extra jug and blades for drier jobs such as grinding coffee beans or nuts.

Tamper: This is a stick used to safely push ingredients towards the blending blades when they get stuck. Handy for thicker mixes such as instant ice cream, but ideally the blender shouldn’t need manual intervention to blend smoothly.

Jug blender lids: Some models have a jug lid that incorporates a strainer which can then filter out any remaining lumps when you pour.

Cable storage: A cable storage built in to the product keeps the cable tidy when not in use.

The Kitchen Genie 300w Value Blender with grinder is a good quality cheap food blender.